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Mutt Takes Over Twitter


We’ve been compromised!

The official Lefthanded Games twitter feed for Lobodestroyo (creatively named @lobodestroyo) has been usurped by the game’s mascot character Mutt. That’s what we get for leaving phone laying about I suppose…

It would appear from his first few tweets that Mutt is miffed with the lack of reported progress on ‘his’ upcoming game, and is taking the social media aspect into his own paws. So far little more than a few blurry selfies and some poorly punctuated rants have been spotted but we are not entirely sure what to expect. Though whatever it may be we’d suggest cutting him some slack as felt fingers are decidedly hard to text with.


There have also been some interactions with our dedicated twitter followers, which range from friendly and supportive banter, to taking suggestions on which member of the team to pile-drive… Not sure how we are supposed to feel about that, nor can we vouch or endorse anything said on the account. More on this as it develops. Anyone got an extra iPhone they don’t need by the way? Mines gone.

Feel free to send him a message @lobodestroyo but please don’t encourage him.

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