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Addressing Nintendo’s console jump

With the Switch (pardon the pun) from Nintendo’s Wii U to the new Nintendo Switch console, we (and many other Kickstarter games in development) have been getting quizzed as to which platform the game will release on. We wanted to take this opportunity to make a statement on the matter.

When our game releases it will be on all the viable and available platforms we can port to.

Thankfully, developing in Unity affords us flexibility in that regard, and we are not locked into specific ports. With development running past the transition between Nintendo consoles we are going to need to modify our initial promise to backers. We absolutely intend to have Lobo playable on your Nintendo, whatever the console of the time might be. If Wii U development is still open to indies, then we will still push to Wii U. If we are forced to migrate to Switch by the time Lobo is in a releasable state, then we will release there. If those platforms are not what a backer originally intended/wanted we will endeavor to migrate their copy to a console they will be happy with.

It all comes down to the simple fact that despite being stuck in development limbo, we want to keep everyone happy. And to that effect, when it comes time to start sending out our game to the world, we will do whatever we need to so that our dedicated supporters can enjoy it how they would like.

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