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Building Up the woods (and tearing them down)


Taking a look at WikiTiki Woods

WikiTiki Woods is our first game world. As with most action-adventure games, World One is an evergreen introduction to the title and often features a forest or woodland theme. From Greenhill Zone to Mumbo’s Mountain; Jungle Japes to Mayahem Temple… we wanted to keep the trope alive and well with Lobodestroyo and thus WikiTiki Woods was born. 


Not all is well in the woodlands though, as the upper portion of the world has been taken over by the world boss, Gnawton Sawtooth III, and his Lumberchucks. They have rolled in construction equipment, dammed up the water supply and begun building expensive houses on top of the native Nantooki Tribe’s homes.

Merging a Polynesian flair with an industrialized construction site has been a fun visual task for our team to work with. Creating a distinct look to a world depending on which side of the picket line you are exploring allows us to create some variety in the visuals and keep things looking interesting. We have rolling green hills and rocky outcroppings to explore, but can also toss in some lattice work and scaffolding for players to scale.


We use a splatmap painting technique to blend our ground textures which means we can have lush green grass yellow and wither the closer to the construction we go. Creating a seamless blend allows the world to feel more lived in and organic. Inversely, in the instances where we want the total opposite of that, we slap down some hard edged metal objects and paint sawdust and concrete textures all over the place. The freedom is nice to have, and is a direct result of the world design’s duality. (More on splatmaps in a forthcoming post!)

There are also additional areas we are not quite ready to snapshot yet that include subterranean caverns filled with brightly colored gemstones and (less brightly colored) sewer pipes, as well as a sprawling mansion estate with cobblestone paths and manicured lawns. We will be showcasing those as they become presentable, but already we are feeling very pleased with the world we are crafting.


Getting to this stage has been a longwinded portion of development, but we are finally at a stage where we feel comfortable showing those efforts. We hope you enjoy these peeks into the world we are building and appreciate your support and patience with us as we press on with Lobodestroyo’s development.

More updates to follow as we progress, including some spotlight features on art development and some of the game’s mechanics, as we build towards getting this game playable!

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