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Cliqist Hunts Down Lobodestroyo


Josh Griffiths from the crowdfunded gaming focused blog Cliqist, recently reach out to us for a few words on where on Earth we’ve been and what could be the reason for our recent radio silence on Lobodestroyo.

We didn’t answer his calls and hid under our desks every time he came banging on the windows. Eventually though he caught us at the grocery store while we were stocking up on energy drinks and we had no choice but to sit down with the guy and atone for our sins.

Before tracking us down, Griffiths had posted an astute analysis on Lobo in a recent an episode of Crowdfunding Analysis Time focusing on Lobodestroyo’s apparent disappearance and possible death (assumedly at at the hands of the Free The Games Fund going belly-up). In which he looked at publicly available backer updates and the recent lack of content from the team regarding the projects status. He made some on-point observations and predicted (alarmingly accurately) the possible state of where the game was as it floats in development limbo.

I’m going to make it my mission to get more info about this game, and I wont stop until James Guy too, falsely uses my name.

While we’re not sure what the last comment is in reference to (we respect you too much to ever muck up your name Tosh), claiming his interest and analysis was anything but flattering would be a boldfaced lie. While our backers have been kept in the loop to a larger degree (via to private backer updates and messages) that has been lacking in recent months too. While not exactly something we are excited to admit, it’s all for good reason. That said, we agree that it’s time we start to shed some light on where we have been and were Lobodestroyo stands. Head over to Cliqist to check out the interview and see what all the fuss (or decided lack there of) is all about.

An Interview with Lobodestroyo Creative Director James Guy

If you find your feeds needing a top-up of independent journalism and well spoken, witty (and sometimes biting) humor then I strongly suggest you check out other episodes of Crowdfunding Analysis Time. You can subscribe to the CAT video series on the Cliqist YouTube channel and check out other assorted articles centered around crowdfunded game projects over at Josh can be found on Twitter @Josh_BadWriter if you feel like falsely using his name in 140 characters or less, and you can support Cliqist via Patreon if you enjoy crowdfunding things focused on crowdfunding things.

  1. Hey there! Just wanted to clarify that the comment I made at the end of the video was a joke. I wrote an article a few months ago detail a noted Kickstarter scammer, and the guy started falsely using my name online. Pretty weird, honestly.

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