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Oh Great, You’re Here!


Welcome to the Lefthanded Games Studio official website!

I’d go on about the assorted levels of new and improved that this site boasts but it’s the first crack at having one of these so it’s pretty much the same as it ever was. Or wasn’t… Either way its a bit overdue to be honest and we are happy to have an official home online now. The furniture is still being unpacked so pardon the mess and excuse the growing pains. We’ll get everything done and dusted eventually. Great, well now that fantastic, cliche-riddled introduction is out of the way, (nailed it) I suppose it’s time to explain what this little bundle of ones-and-zeros you have stumbled upon is all about.

Lefthanded Games Studio was formed in sunny Orlando, Florida back in 2012 with the hopes of becoming a fully fledged indie game development studio. Pencils were put to paper and ideas and scribbles started filling up notebooks. A team of likeminded talent was formed and a plan was hatched. Before you knew it we had a game concept on our hands and a kickstarter underway. After months of stressful plotting, planning and an outpouring of support from the most generous, charming (and damn good looking) on the internet, our first project Lobodestroyo was off to the races. Lefthanded Games Studio became a real thing and Lobodestroyo Vs la Liga de los Villanos became a real project.

This site is the home base for the aforementioned team of developers. Join us as we strive towards our dream of building our first video game together as a team. It’s been tough, and will only get tougher, but if you are in for a ride we invite you to follow along. We’ll be bringing you all the updates and behind the scenes info on the project as we press on. From the sexy stuff like character animation designs and concept art, right down to the nuts and bolts of gameplay mechanics and logistical breakdowns (hey, maybe you are into that sorta stuff. No judgment, it’s 2016). This site will be a direct line to an adventurous game project and the ragtag team of plucky artists, programers, engineers and musicians attempting to finish it.

We’re happy to have you. Let’s make a video game!

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