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Another Lefty Joins the Team!


One of the notable gaps in our roster at Lefthanded Games Studio that we have found our team to be lacking, is the role of a Project Manager…

Working independently on assorted schedules and availability levels has it’s benefits, but at the same time is cause for many complications and shortfalls. It has become rather evident that we needed to fill this role with a dedicated team member up to the task of… tasking. Someone who has done this before and knows the gaming industry. A proverbial Coxswain to guide our team in the right direction. Someone who would do all that but waive the requisite massive salary the role clearly deserves.

Meet Scott Malo.

He has joined our team to bring structure and management direction to our ragtag team here at Lefthanded.

Scott has been working as a Digital Artist and Project Manager in digital entertainment and virtual training since 2000. He has experience ranging from operating his own freelance animation studio with a team of employees, to managing large-scale projects at cutting-edge companies working on education, military and commercial projects.

He is an industry vet working with EA on numerous triple-A games that saw releases on PC, Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo platforms. And somehow we’ve sold him on this silly little game project called Lobodestroyo.

Already fast at work getting our design documentation and back of house structure sorted, Scott will be an integral part of not only this game, but establishing the foundation of Lefthanded Games Studio as a legitimate game development company. I can’t express enough how happy we are to have him onboard (and how happy I am to get to use ‘Coxswain’ in a blog post).

Look for big things coming out of this team in the immediate future, and please join us in welcoming Scott to the wolfpack!

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