Swimming Squirrels


The maiden voyage for an archived Twitch stream on our new website will be everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed squirrel.

Twitch is Hard…

This is a learning process for me and I am a complete newbie when it comes to Twitch so please bare with me. My initial attempt at posting a Twitch stream failed as I didn’t archive the feed. So I went into this second attempt with low expectations of success. Sure enough I have had exporting issues, the audio is out of whack and the part of the game was decidedly slow placed and unskippable… (only the best content here folks!)

The is a special guest cameo in the background of my washing machine clanging on… but besides that this probably not really worth watching. I will however take the opportunity to ask you guys for any suggestions or tips for improvement. What sort of games would you like to see being played on our feed? Sound off below or in the YouTube comments and let me know how terrible a job I’m doing and how to fix it!

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