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Belated Backer Update


The long awaited June Backer update has been sent to our backers.


Our patient backers received a much delayed backer update this week via Kickstarter. Usually locked down for backers only information we think its important to keep this one open to everyone. Head on over to the kickstarter page below to view the full email.

Lobodestroyo’s Kickstarter Page.

  1. Thanks for update, Jamie. Hang in there, Lefthanders! Like the website!

  2. Hi,I m from Holland and try to translate in english as good As I possible can.Im interested in the game “lobodestroyo”.Is this game still in devolpment or no longer…I hope it still is,hopefully it comes out on the Nintendo nx Instead of the wiiu .Best of Luck to the hole team in the proces of this game project.

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