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Super Cast Bros. Intro Ditty


Listen to our new intro (…instead of a new episode)

Last weekend we were unable to get to the studio to record SuperCastBros. We apologize for the delay but appreciate your interest and thank you in advance for the voicemails and comments online despite not actually having any content on the site for you yet.

The raincheck date has us warming up the mics next Saturday and we are anxious to get the first episode in the can shortly after. As we mentioned before this will be an all new podcast and a bit of a departure from the original Lobocast. Being that we are aiming to be more games-centric and not overly Lobo-focused we will have numerous topics to cover and (hopefully) some solid content for you guys to enjoy. More info on where to find us and how to subscribe will be coming soon. But until then why not have a listen to our brand new into for the podcast here?

The first few episodes will have some editorial content and we want to hear from YOU! Yes you, the guy/girl at the computer/mobile device. Hit us up on the hot line 419-777-LOBO (5626) and sound off on what you hope to hear from the ‘cast down the road. Also, a few questions that might get you mentioned on the podcast:

  • What do you think the appeal is of loot games compared to traditional collecting titles?
  • How upset are you that Link isn’t a girl in Breath of the Wild?
  • When you back a Kickstarter do you see it as more of an investment, charity, a gamble or a pre-order?

Weigh-in and get a shout out on the new show! Add 419-777-LOBO to your contacts list (be give us an endearing pet name).

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