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Greetings amigos! I’m Leon Fletcher, and I will be your guide through your amazing journey that is, of course, waiting until the LeftHanded team are finally able to grace us with Lobodestroyo vs. La Liga De Los Villanos!

I suppose you could think of me as the mysterious Dorado, though thou hast been warned, try and wear me like a belt, and you may find yourself in the most uncomfortable position!
What is BackerBuzz though? BackerBuzz is an almost regular feature on LeftHanded Games where I’ll blab on about some of the latest happenings at Lefthanded Games, as well as various other titbits (or tidbits for our cross-atlantic buddies) about what’s happening in the gaming world today. I also plan on getting you wonderful lot a chance to shine as there will be some reader involvement on BackerBuzz. Best of all, even though it is called BackerBuzz, the name may seem illusive as it isn’t exclusive to our Backers, that is conclusive. BackerBuzz’s purpose is to be relatable to the backers, as well to extend and enhance the community as a whole, so you can expect every issue to be open to all!
Enough with the nitty gritty, let us begin the buzz! This one will be rather short(ish) because the LeftHanded team have  been cracking down on the nitty gritty, though a little birdie has told me that they may have some updates towards the beginning of next month.

Beaver Beats

Good games and good music go hand in hand, and I’m sure Lobo is no different. On NintyBuzz, my other home on the internet, I write a recurring segment called NintyBeats. During NintyBeats, I’ll talk about a selection of music, usually from Nintendo platforms, to appreciate how beautiful the pieces of work are. One of my recent editions of NintyBeats celebrates the existence of a few games which have been funded on Kickstarter, including Lobodestroyo. I had the great pleasure and honour to reveal a snippet of an upcoming track from Lobodestroyo, the boss battle between Mutt and Gnawton Sawtooth III! It’s you vs. a corporate madman… I mean mad-beaver, and it’s only the first world.
The guys at Lefthanded Games were fortunate enough to land Grant Kirkhope as a guest composer, along with the main composer, who’s just as talented, Gooseworx. This track’s origin was composed by Mr. Kirkhope, while the remix for each major boss battle was created by Gooseworx, possibly making it the best collaboration in video game music ever (subject to personal opinion). Feel free to listen to the rest of the selection over at NintyBuzz!

E3 Plethora

E3 2016 has been and gone (about a month ago now), but boy did it leave an impact. Crash Bandicoot is making a return, Microsoft is working on Scorpio, Ubisoft had some VR surprises, Playtonic showed off yet more Yooka-Laylee, and Nintendo essentially stole the competition with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. That’s barely even scratching the surface either.
I’ve gone ahead asking the team and our dedicated backers their impressions of this year’s E3, and some of them are featured below!
Fellow backer, Zalno, wasn’t too impressed with E3 this year, though he did mention that there were a few gems which really did stand out to him:
“I can’t really bring myself to care about E3 anymore. When something’s not completely uninteresting to me, it’s usually either continually delayed or just a pre-rendered cutscene, which I don’t register as being representative of the game whatsoever. Between all that and the constant lies from E3 (Aliens: Colonial Marines, Watch_Dogs, Killzone 2), I’m not inclined to be excited for anything anymore.
Having said that, there were a few things I did like this year. Microsoft starting the Xbox Play Anywhere initiative for all future titles is great. Now they just need to bring over the games they released in the last few years, including 360 games, and I won’t even need to buy an Xbone. Sony’s conference looked tempting with games like God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, and The Last Guardian. Not enough to make me want a PS4, though. Until Sony can bring backwards compatibility to the PS4 that isn’t cow dung, I refuse to waste my money on it. As for Nintendo’s stuff, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks like the reinvigoration that Zelda desperately needed for over a decade, and Ever Oasis looked absolutely adorable. That said, Mother 3 or GTFO.”
Sketch also thought E3 was a bit so-so this year, but there’s almost always a diamond in the rough:
“E3 was kind of so so for me. Most of what was shown was stuff I already knew about. While the games revealed for the first time are either still very far from launch or just have next to no solid information unveiled about them.
Anyway, the stuff I’m most looking forward to would be the new Legend of Zelda for starters. Love that vibrant, visual style and the new style of play they’re shooting for. Getting a release date for The Last Guardian was a pleasant surprise. I really thought that game was vaporware. Persona 5 looks to be shaping up nicely.Everything about it just oozes style. I’m also cautiously optimistic about the reveal for Resident Evil 7. Which at the very least seems to be returning to more traditional survival horror.”
PhotonTH was lucky enough to head off to E3 this year (lucky sod 😉 ). He tried out some of the VR, and it enjoyed it very much, as stated by his short yet sweet impression:
“Tried out VR for the first time. It was interesting to use it and I enjoyed it a lot.”

We also asked some of the busy lot over at Left-handed Games for their impressions… Justin from programming was really excited by Final Fantasy, Titanfall 2, and VR:

“Final Fantasy 15’s flying car! Take my money sqenix. Titanfall 2’s grappling hook looks like it will make for some awesome, share-worthy moments. Really happy to see the commitment to VR. Here’s hoping they don’t all screw it up. Everything else? Meh.”
Bryan, the programmer not the messiah (sorry, couldn’t resist), has a few things to look forward to, such as Mass Effect, and Zelda:
“I’m really looking forward to mass effect andromeda. The Zelda game seems interesting and the announcement of the slim Xbox was interesting.”
Jason, another programmer, is looking forward to Zelda, but didn’t really see much… probably too busy programming this great game:
“I think the new Zelda game looks good. Didn’t really watch much.”
Kevin, one of the artists behind Lobodestroyo, like others, wasn’t able to pay much attention to E3, though he might be looking forward to the new Star Trek VR title by Ubisoft:
“To be perfectly honest, I didn’t pay much attention to E3.  My gaming style is more MMO’s… but those are extremely time consuming, so I haven’t been playing them lately and I’m perpetually behind one generation on console gaming.
Naturally, things that I would like were brought to my attention.  The new open world style Zelda is very reminiscent of an MMO, which looks really cool… too bad I might not ever own a Nintendo console again… why won’t they be like Sega and just make games!  As a trekkie the Star Trek VR game looks pretty damn sweet too!” Scott, the new Lefty Project Manager, was thoroughly impressed with Sony’s showing, as well as Ghost Recon, XBOX Scorpio, and Sea of Thieves:
“I think Sony had the best showing.  By the fact that they showed the best games.
I’m excited for the Xbox Scorpio next year. I’m eagerly waiting for VR on the Xbox in the future.
I’m most excited about the new Ghost Recon game and the single player for Titanfall 2. Also the indie game on Xbox Live called Inside (from the makers of Limbo). I’m interested in seeing more of the Sea of Thieves game.
I was most surprised by the Spider-Man game but sad that it’s a console exclusive.  Also surprised by the new God of War game.
Overall I think this year’s E3 was average. Nothing big that stood out but not bad either. Let’s go EA, I need some Star Wars games. ASAP. ”
Tom, who is an artist and game designer for Lobo, was also impressed with Sony’s show as well as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He also had some kind words to say about Yooka-Laylee and Sea of Thieves too:
“Sony’s conference definitely had the most surprises and hype-inducing moments for me. That new Spider-Man from Insomniac is kind of a dream come true. It was great to see VR being pushed to some of the major franchises as well. I used to work with VR at my old job, so I’m excited to see it potentially becoming a mainstream technology at long last.
That being said, I think Zelda is still my most anticipated game of the show. I’ve been wishing they would make an open-world Zelda since before “open-world” was even a genre, so it’s great to see Nintendo finally delivering on that potential. I was very disappointed that they didn’t have much else to show though, and hope they’ll actually have some new games to talk about before too long.
EA’s lack of any real details on their Star Wars efforts was also a bit disappointing, but I would rather the studios involved continue to take their time and get it right to avoid another rushed, half-release like Battlefront. Mass Effect Andromeda is looking spectacular, though!
Finally, I am super-excited for both Sea of Thieves and Yooka-Laylee! Nothing makes me happier than seeing some of my favorite developers working on games that they have a real, genuine passion for. It doesn’t hurt that they both look like exactly the kind of games I want to play either. ;)”
MaryAnn, yet another savvy artist for Lobo, thought the new Zelda looks very cool, along with Sea of Thieves, Cuphead, and Yooka-Laylee:
“I thought Zelda looked pretty cool. It’s interesting the direction they are taking with the gameplay and the world is just so vast and pretty. Sea of Thieves looked fun, however, I am a bit concerned about motion sickness. I was excited Yooka-Laylee made an appearance and I can’t wait for Cuphead to come out. And the game Days Gone scared the crap out of me.”
Last but not least, Jamie, who you may know as the Creative Director of Lobo, was impressed by how many hits Sony were making in their conference. He also mention how is is excited about Breath of the Wild, Yooka-Laylee, Spider-man, and more. He did raise a small concern about VR however:
“I was actually surprised how much Sony’s presentation kept rolling out hit after hit. They even had me sold on VR until I heard that the demos shown were short/mini experiences and filled with vomit inducing nausea. I might want to rethink that purchase… For me the big excitement comes for Zelda, Spider-Man, Sea of Thieves and Yooka-Laylee. I’m also happy to see a release date for Last Guardian. Let’s see if it delivers after such a long wait…”

Unfortunately that is it for this edition of BackerBuzz! Before I go, I though it would be fun to ask the readers a question or two at the end of each BackerBuzz article. With the entire Lobodestroyo cast consisting of various different species of animals, today I ask you…

If you could be transformed into any animal, what would you be and why?

Also, don’t forget to read some of the articles on Lefthanded Studios’ website, where you can catch up on all the latest, such as the Shawshank character reveal, and the announcement of the new Project Manager, Scott!
Until next time, keep on buzzing!

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